STCW Procedures

Find below the required application documents for the issuance of an Endorsement Certificate under Gabon Flag:

  1. Copy of Application
  2. Colored Copy of Passport
  3. Copy of Seaman’s Book
  4. Certificate of Competency (COC) and GMDSS-GoC (if applicable), for the Officers on Deck, from a white listed country
  5. Medical fitness certificate (The medical examination has to be carried out by a dully certified doctor not more than six (6) months prior the date of making the application)
  6. Updated colored passport size photographs, by e-mail
  7. SSO course or Security Awareness course
  8. Original Signature of the Officer, on a clear white background, in jpg format
  9. Basic Training Courses (Elementary First Aid, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Personal Survival Techniques, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, Security Awareness course)

Application Forms